Hungarian Council of Europe Day 2023 - Magyar Európa Tanács Nap 2023


„Opportunities for political participation of national minority youth” - „A nemzeti kisebbségekhez tartozó fiatalok politikai részvételi lehetőségei”


On May 9, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary along with the European

Youth Centre in Budapest (Council of Europe) is hosting a conference on “Opportunities for

political participation of national minority youth”. The event will also mark the Council of

Europe Day in Hungary this year.

A study on the active political role of young people belonging to national minorities during

the Hungarian presidency of the Council of Europe was prepared, thus now this event is

aiming to serve as a follow-up on the issue. This has a timely relevance as well, as a

recommendation on the same topic is currently being prepared (Steering Committee on Anti-

Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion - CDADI) for the Ministerial Committee, due in June.

We hope, this occasion can serve as a platform for discussion on how national minority youth

can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the recommendation.

Besides the two hosts of the event, Special Envoy Kalmár and Director Molnár, the opening

remarks would be delivered by Deputy Secretary General Björn Berge (Council of Europe)

along with State Secretary Peter Sztáray (MFAT) and Chairman Zsolt Németh (Foreign

Affairs Committee, Hungarian National Assembly).

Please find the detailed program attached.

Invitaion / Meghívó

Draft Agenda / Programterv